Saturday, 18 November 2017

Aliens can't see my radiators now.. =D

Friday was really cold, which sucks as I'm trying to stretch my kerosene to last for the whole winter..

However, I was reading the Live Lagom group on Facebook, where another member was asking if anyone had tried adding tin foil in the back of the radiators..

Well, I had cardboard, and tin foil, so I decided to try it there and then! 😃

Usually, when the heating is on and I'm sitting on the sofa, I have to reach back and hold my hand over the radiator behind the sofa, to make sure it's on.. Due to the high ceiling and open plan house, the heat just seems to disappear almost instantly..

However, after adding tin foil behind both living room radiators, I could instantly tell the difference! I can now just sit on the sofa, and I'm feeling the lovely heat from the radiator

I'm so going to tin foil the other radiators, too! 😃

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