Sunday 17 May 2020

Introducing Security Shih Tzu Lucy

I've always had cats, but two months ago, I got my first ever dog, Lucy

She is a senior dog whose elderly owner can no longer take care of her, so she came home with me as we bonded at work

I had to get her the LIDL Security harness.. ♥♥♥♥♥

She likes cat toys.. She'd also like cats, but they run off when she charges at them, barking, and wagging her tail! Not the ideal way to approach cats.. 😂

"Mama, when's that barky thing going to leave?"

- Midnight & Cara..

Lucy loves to roll in the grass..

Lucy doesn't love selfie sessions with Mama, but she tolerates them..

Lucy enjoys rolling on fox poo, but doesn't really enjoy the baths that follow..

Lucy is an avid gardener, and has her own little patch for digging - vigorously..

Lucy barks at the patio cats.. She has now learned to accept Little Mami, though..

Paddock walkies are the best..

Lucy likes to make an appearance when there's mild white cheddar..

She loves napping with her seagull..

When Mama is using the bathroom, Lucy likes to wait nearby..

This is how a small Shih Tzu hogs a large three-seater sofa..

Keeping the garden well fertilised..

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  1. hello lucy, welcome to bloggerland i hope you enjoy yourself here :)