Thursday 24 January 2013

Continued collection to help Muzakir's family

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
I have just updated the Muzakir pages (in English & in Finnish), adding a separate page for Mala's bank account info for donations (with printable versions in English & in Finnish).

As only one of Muzakir's parents can work, at the moment, with Muzakir still needing one parent at home, they can't afford to pay back that €4000 private, interest free loan, given to them by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. So, we will keep the collection going until the loan is paid back.

I really hope that people are still willing to help Muzakir's family, even now that his operation has already taken place. I know who the "anonymous angel" is, and I can say this much: that person is not anyone wealthy, who could afford to write off €4000. They also have a heart of gold - how many people would be ready to risk all their savings to help a child whom they have never even met?!? So, that person really deserves to get their money back - the loan part. (They also made a very generous donation, in addition to the loan!)

This time, I am also asking everyone to email me with their name and the amount donated (all info will remain anonymous!) - you'll find my email address linked on the bank info page. It makes it so much easier to follow up on donations. It was a bit of a nightmare before the operation, trying to find various emails, blog comments, FB comments and private messages - and some people never mentioned their donations anywhere, public or private.

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