Monday, 6 May 2013

About that shopping trip to LIDL..

Gorgeous LIDL bread
Last week, I went to LIDL Greystones, and as I was on my own, I finally had a chance to take my time, rather than run through the shop, trying to remember what's needed..

Usually, when I do my shopping, I take a shopping basket as most of my shopping is done at the nearest Dunnes or Tesco, and I'll walk to the shops and back. So, carrying a shopping basket is a good way of making sure that whatever I buy, I'll be able to actually carry it home as well..

But now that I was driving, I thought I'd take a trolley - not that LIDL even have shopping baskets =/ Well, I discovered that it's easy to buy too much, when pushing a shopping trolley!

I went shopping at LIDL..    Got LIDL stuff for Esmeralda..
Although I spent almost all my weekly budget in one go, it WAS actually mostly stuff that was on my shopping list. Like I've wanted a blanket for Esmeralda, I need more tools, etc.. All the food will be eaten as well, and those breads were the nicest I've had in this country, so I'll be going back for more =P

LIDL lunch, omnomnom!

Car blanket, and my elegant car bin    Two of my car boxes
I like the blanket. IKEA might sell something nicer and cheaper, but it's a bit out of my range, until I get the full licence and can take the M50 there. (Can't wait! I need some more storage boxes, and I want IKEA meatballs..) On the floor, in the blanket picture, my elegant plastic-bag-in-a-paper-bag bin solution.. Well, it works, and I can reach it.. In the other picture, two of my car storage boxes, which I bought in one of the cheapo shops in Bray, €2 each. I actually need to buy more of them as well, because they'd be ideal for some of my craft stuff, like rubber stamps and such.

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