Monday, 6 May 2013

Quick fix for dry hands / cuticles

Before & after 30 minutes of "Bepanthen marinade" =D
After lots of dusting, hoovering, packing and reorganising in the attic, my hands (and especially cuticles) were really dry and awful.. So, it was time for the quick fix.

You'll need: Bepanthen, and a pair of latex gloves =D

Just apply plenty of Bepanthen on your hands, really covering your cuticles well, so that there's actually a thick layer of Bepanthen all over them.. Then, put those latex gloves on, and let your hands marinate while you facebook (or whatever you feel like doing, for the next 30 minutes or so). You don't even need 30 minutes, I've noticed that even just ten minutes will make a difference, but I usually keep the gloves on for about half an hour.

When you take the gloves off, if there's any Bepanthen that hasn't soaked in to your skin, just spread it again. If you don't like the smell of latex gloves, you might want to wash your hands and just apply some lighter hand lotion - totally optional. (I like coconut oil, btw! No mystery chemicals, it's cheap, and it smells gorgeous..)

My pictures aren't the best as I couldn't be arsed to take the tripod out, but if you look at a larger version of that picture, the difference between the Before (on the left) and After (on the right) pictures is a lot more obvious.

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