Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ringo bit me

Ringo bit me    Ringo bit me

Thatsit was in the garden, yesterday, wanting to come in, but Ringo was at the kitchen door, between Thatsit and the house. Ringo is a lovely cat, but he fights with the other cats (as does Oscar), so Thatsit was afraid of him - especially now that she can't walk properly or defend herself.

I was shooing Ringo away, and he bit me on the foot! (Not the first time he's done that - once, I was petting him and he was loving it, but then he got a fright and bit me on my finger.)

Just a tiny hole on the skin, but I got a little bruise from the bite. As he's an outdoor cat (like all/most cats in the area), I cleaned the bite and put a plaster on it, just in case.


  1. you might need a shot just in case, my Claudette doesn't bite me but she does scratch me when I pass her food bowl

    1. The bruise is a bit darker, but other than that, it's just a tiny scab now, and it's not sore or anything. It probably would have been smart to get antibiotics, just in case, but I'm hoping that I'll live =P