Monday, 20 January 2014

Oopsie, it's been a while..

Above, a late Christmas present from Canada =) Jen had made a lovely ceramic coaster, with the photo I sent her of the back garden, with "Jen's plant" and Oimo's grave! I love it, and it's on my "desk" in the attic. (And I haven't even emailed Jen yet - must do that today!)

Life's been mainly about Thatsit, lately. She spent over two weeks at the clinic (with weekend breaks at home), but now she can stay home, which is great. Still, she's not allowed to walk around, so when I can't keep an eye on her, she needs to live in a cage =/ She hates being in the cage, so I stay in the living room all the time, to let her chill on the sofa. I've slept on the sofa as well, so I can hear her if she needs anything during the night, but I'll have to stop that as it's killing my back;

Thatsit does have a litter tray, comfy blanket bed, water bowl, and a food bowl, in her cage, so she should be fine even if I sleep elsewhere. (She's actually using a turkey tray now, instead of a regular litter tray, because it's larger and higher. It has worked really well - she no longer sits on the tray and pees outside of it.)

Her sores didn't need dressing anymore when I collected her on Friday morning, but they still look quite raw and delicate, on the right leg. The left leg is really good. Yesterday, she attempted to lick the sores, though, and I knew she'd be very uncomfortable and distressed with a "lamp shade" collar, so I put a sock tube on her right leg instead, and she's left it alone since. I'll probably take the sock tube off tonight, and see how it looks.. Then maybe put a lighter sock tube on, to let the sores breathe, yet protect them from her tongue. She has a check-up appointment on Wednesday, at Brayvet.

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