Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thatsit had a check-up, yesterday

I was really worried about Thatsit's leg sores, before our check-up appt., yesterday. I'd had to dress her right back leg again, and I thought it would be a step back in the healing process. I was also wondering if it's the right thing to do, to put her through this - having to stay on the sofa or in the cage, getting bored while waiting for the sores to heal..

However, it turned out that her sores were looking much, much better! =D

She has no dressing at all now, and I'm hoping that she won't go licking the sores too much, so I won't have to put any sock tubes on.

I have ideas for padded socks, when there are no sores anymore, but we're not quite there yet..


  1. that's great news!

    1. Yes, such a relief! =) And now that the leg hasn't had any dressing on it since Wednesday, the healing has been faster, and it's really starting to look much better now!

      However, with the sores getting better, she seems to be more willing to start moving around again (as it's less painful now), so I really need to watch her when she's on the sofa.. When I can't watch her, she has to be in the cage, and I don't like keeping her there. I've made it comfy for her, but still.. It's a cage.