Friday, 21 February 2014

Selling my Chinese jewellery box on eBay

I think I've blogged (/ranted) about my past problems on attempting to list an item for sale on - the site kept throwing me to the .com version, where I couldn't proceed as my Irish phone number wasn't accepted for verification..

Well, I tried it a few times, over the years, and always had the same problem, but for some reason, when I tried again tonight, IT WORKED! =D Phew, thank God..

I put my Chinese jewellery box up for sale - feel free to make a bid (or share the listing). I would love to keep it as it's beautiful and I love it, but I really don't have anywhere to display it, and it's been in a storage box all these years, which is such a shame for such a pretty item.. And since I have way too much stuff, and I need some money, eBay seems like a good idea. I'm a bit nervous, though, with this being my first item there! Stressing about postage fees and all.. (I kept googling for tips while filling in the item form..)


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  1. It is really beautiful, Stella. I wish you success in selling it.

  2. It didn't sell on eBay, so before relisting, I'm trying to sell it on