Saturday, 1 March 2014

I hate narcissists - they are the scum of the earth

Person 1 gets up very early in the morning, drives ~60km, then sits in another car for ~400km, doing various stops across the country, and finally, drives ~60km again, arriving home late in the evening, quite knackered. Wants to sit back and relax, before going to bed, to get up early again, trying to organise a vet appt. for the morning, and take a pet there and back.

Person 2 gets up sometime late afternoon, gets a friend to give a lift to another friend's place (since Person 1's car isn't available for Person 2's use), spending the evening/night there. Phones Person 1 late at night, asking for a lift home (~12km in all). Person 1 agrees, and Person 2 says they'll phone when ready. After waiting for a good while, Person 1 phones around 1am, offering a lift right there and then, hoping to relax afterwards. Person 2 is "not ready", and starts bitching about it, knowing that Person 1 will have to be up again, early in the morning, for the vet appt. (if possible) - since Person 2 definitely wouldn't take care of the vet issue, and would instead stay in bed until afternoon again.

Which one, would you say, constantly keeps calling the other one a "selfish whore"?

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