Monday, 9 January 2017

Bad timing, and a postponed NCT..

I was on my way to Deansgrange NCT centre, when it started raining.. I switched the windscreen wipers on, and they got stuck again! (I had a similar issue with them, about a month ago, but it was fixed since, and everything had been working fine..)

The timing REALLY sucked as I could have made it there in time, but there was no point to drive dangerously as broken windscreen wipers wouldn't really be great for the NCT..

I parked somewhere in Stillorgan, phoned to re-book the NCT (which means I'll have to pay extra, because I cancelled so last minute..), and then phoned the AA..

AA man was awesome, though! The previous time, I called the AA as well, but the guy just opened it up, and said he couldn't fix it, so I ended up borrowing D's car until I had the time to take mine to the garage.. But this guy was able to actually fix it. OK, it's not a permanent fix, but it'll do for now.

Just thinking, why, oh, WHY couldn't it have happened AFTER the NCT?!? =/

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