Friday, 13 January 2017

Coffee corner

When I moved in to my current home, my friend T (who lived here before me) left behind a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, which was supposed to be broken. However, it was only suffering from the extremely hard water, and after some vinegar treatment, it was back in action - I never use the local tap water in the kettle or coffee machines as it would just insta-stain them.. Instead, I bring tap water from Bray as it's perfect =D (Even the cats drink Bray water.. heh..)

For a long time, I was happily enjoying Dolce Gusto coffees, but especially after comparing to the Nespresso stuff (D had a Nespresso machine in Bray), I felt that Dolce Gusto was mainly good for stuff like cappuccino or latte macchiato, whereas the espresso or barista were lacking "oomph"..

Well.. D bought himself a DeLonghi coffee machine, and now uses freshly ground beans only.. Soooo, he didn't need his Nespresso machine (nor the milk frother) anymore, and gave them to me! =D

My coffee corner now takes the largest part of my available kitchen counter space, but what can you do.. I still like to use the Dolce Gusto as well! And I also drink lots of tea, so the kettle is necessary..


  1. I just have a mr coffee that i use everyday but i only use folgers cause l like the taste

    1. I had to google Mr Coffee - I don't think we have that brand over here. Not familiar with Folgers, either =)

      Out of my two coffee machines, Dolce Gusto only takes their own brand pods, whereas the Nespresso also takes non-brand pods, which is nice. My nearest supermarket sells their own shop brand, which is quite cheap, and the quality is great as well.